jan 8, 2015

this is our second podcast, and we are still bad at doing podcasts. – download the mp3 if you want.

special thanks to our guest kerim.

notes and context:

01:50some tool MIT licensed that Allison mentioned...
04:00allison loooves pictionary
04:30brian to build robot addition to the collective
05:30 – this episode "sponsored" by Budlite Lime-a-rita and Apple-ahhh-rita
08:20 – visit wavechairghost.club/playreviews/thispodcast for a portal of community play reviews
11:27walking through doors makes you forget things
11:45 – direct mind to mind communication between humans
13:20 – special term for when the first AI wakes up
13:57 – this episode "brought to you by" the Firefox web browser
14:45Artificial Consciousness, or Machine Consciousness
15:28Hatsune Miku
16:22Complex Industry
16:47 – this episode "brought to you by" Thesaurus.com
17:30 – kerim, our special guest, and dan, brian's roommate who is basically in the collective, join us (silently)
18:08 – kerim, our special guest, introduces himself
18:23Left Hand of Darkness
21:57 – bot that writes music
22:13 – bot that writes post-modern essays
26:05 – allison resumes her review of the community play
27:22 – the semantics of "margarita"
30:35 – robots are shit at making music
32:00 – the "cheese and wine" experiment
32:00 – goal: publish academic paper that includes Budlite Lime-a-rita™ and Apple-ahhh-rita™
35:40 – how to pluralize "emoji"– "emoji" or "emojis"
38:05French language academy
39:54 – if you're a historian who needs a job, check out the wavechairghost historian job board at wavechairghost.club/history/jobs
45:24 – the most polite way to say STFU

dec 3, 2014

this is our first podcast, and it might be super boring. – download the mp3 if you want.

notes and context:

00:40blue mustang
09:14open processing
11:45machine of death (book)
12:30the noun project
17:45 – wavechairghost.club domain is born
22:50rasberry pi
24:30 – we take a short break
28:05moon (film)
29:05 – note – the original podcast included an extremely boring section on us reviewing different flavors of KitKats that Allison bought